Polymer Clay Disc Emoji Smile 10mm x 5mm Loose Bead


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Polymer Clay Disc Emoji Smile 10mm x 5mm Assorted Loose Beads

Perfect for making Heishi bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery.

Introducing our Polymer Clay Disc Emoji Smile Mix, a delightful and expressive addition to your crafting collection. Bead measures 10mm x 5mm and features a cheerful smiley face emoji, adding a touch of positivity and playfulness to your creations.

These polymer clay beads are perfect for infusing a sense of joy and lightheartedness into your jewelry designs, be it bracelets, necklaces, or other whimsical accessories.

The 10mm x 5mm size provides versatility, making these smiley-faced beads suitable for various crafting applications. Whether you’re creating personalized jewelry pieces or incorporating them into other creative projects, these beads allow you to craft with a spirit of happiness and individuality.

Elevate your crafting experience with our Polymer Clay Disc Emoji Smile Beads Strand Mix, and let the contagious smiles of these emojis brighten your creations. Whether you’re crafting for yourself or spreading joy through gifts, these beads are sure to bring a cheerful vibe to your projects.

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