Plastic Letter Assorted Colour 7mm White Cube Bulk 1900pcs


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Plastic Letter Assorted Colour 7mm White Cube Bulk 1900pcs

packed by weight. about 1900pcs

They are so good for making Friendship Bracelets!

Hey, crafty pals! Get ready to turn your friendship bracelets into a pastel paradise with our 7mm Plastic Alphabet/letter Beads. These little cubes come in a fantastic range coloured letters, making your bracelet game the talk of the town!

Spell out your secrets, shout out your BFF’s name, or just create a pastel poetry on your wrist – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. These beads are like the frosting on your crafting cupcake, adding sweetness and style to every bracelet project.

So, gather your craft supplies, dive into the world of pastel dreams, and let these 7mm Alphabet/Letter Beads be the stars of your next friendship bracelet masterpiece. Because when it comes to creativity, pastels are always a good idea!

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