Parachute 550 Cord Black 4.8m Paracord


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Parachute 550 Cord Black 4.8m
Made in USA

550 cord, also known as paracord, is a type of lightweight nylon rope that is highly versatile and widely used in various applications. It gets its name from its minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (approximately 249 kilograms). Originally developed for military use, 550 cord has become popular among outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and crafters due to its durability and multifunctional nature.

The construction of 550 cord consists of an outer sheath made of woven nylon fibres and multiple inner strands. The inner strands can be unravelled from the sheath, providing additional cordage for various purposes. This feature makes 550 cord incredibly adaptable, as it can be used for a range of tasks such as securing gear, creating shelters, constructing traps, crafting survival bracelets, making lanyards, and more.

550 cord comes in a wide array of colours and patterns, allowing for customisation and personalisation in different projects. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry and store, making it a valuable addition to camping gear, emergency kits, and outdoor exploration supplies.

Its strength, flexibility, and ability to be unravelled into smaller strands make it a practical tool for a wide range of applications, from survival and outdoor activities to crafting and DIY projects. 550 cord, or paracord, is a durable and versatile nylon rope that can support heavy loads and withstand various outdoor conditions.

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