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Dual-Ended Nylon Hammer with a Wooden Handle

This heavy duty Nylon hammer with a wooden handle is ideal for use with the Wire Whacker.

25cm x 10cm with a 2.5cm diameter head.

Discover the robust versatility of the Heavy Duty Nylon Hammer with a wooden handle, crafted to perfection for seamless compatibility with the Wire Whacker. Measuring at 25cm in length and 10cm in width, this hammer provides a substantial yet ergonomic grip, ensuring optimal control and comfort during your crafting endeavors.

The 2.5cm diameter head of the hammer is designed to deliver precise strikes, making it an ideal companion for wire projects that require a delicate touch. Its heavy-duty construction guarantees durability, allowing for efficient use with the Wire Whacker without compromising on performance.

Whether you’re shaping wire, flattening metals, or adding intricate textures to your creations, this Nylon hammer is the perfect tool. Its wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle during prolonged crafting sessions. Level-up your wire jewellery crafting with the powerful combination of the Heavy Duty Nylon Hammer and the Wire Whacker, a duo designed to bring precision and durability to every strike.

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