Magnifier Lamp with LED Desktop 130mm


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Magnifier Lamp with LED Desktop 130mm

Flexible desktop magnifier with 2 LED’s. Adjustable to suit any positional requirements


– 2 LEDs produce Bright White Light
– On/Off Switch
– Flexible Gooseneck for Optimal Positioning
– Large 130mm round, 2x Magnification Optical Grade Lens,
– 5x Bifocal Lens for super fine detail
– Sturdy Base keeps your lamp in place
– Runs on AAA Batteries (Not Included)
– Perfect for Beading, needlework, Quilting, Scrapbooking and lots more!

Indulge in the perfect companion for your intricate crafting endeavours with the Magnifier Lamp with LED. This versatile magnifier is designed to elevate your crafting experience, offering a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for various creative pursuits.

Illuminate your workspace with the brilliance of powerful LEDs that emit a bright white light, ensuring every detail is crystal clear. The convenience of an easy-to-use On/Off switch puts you in control, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs. Whether you’re engrossed in delicate beading, intricate needlework, or detailed quilting, this magnifier lamp’s flexible gooseneck ensures optimal positioning, adapting effortlessly to your creative whims.

Crafted with precision, the Magnifier Lamp boasts a large 130mm round optical grade lens, providing 2x magnification to enhance your view and bring even the smallest details into focus. But that’s not all—with an additional 5x bifocal lens, this magnifier allows you to delve into super-fine details with ease, making it an invaluable asset for tasks like scrapbooking and other precision-oriented projects.

The sturdily constructed base of this desktop magnifier ensures stability, keeping your lamp securely in place as you immerse yourself in your artistic pursuits. Powered by AAA batteries (not included), this magnifier offers portability and flexibility, allowing you to create wherever inspiration strikes without being tethered to a power source.

This Magnifier Lamp is not just a tool; it’s a crafting companion that opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re meticulously threading beads, stitching intricate patterns, or bringing your quilting visions to life, the combination of optimal lighting, adjustable positioning, and superior magnification makes this desktop magnifier a must-have for every crafting enthusiast. Elevate your creative space with the Magnifier Lamp with LED and embark on a journey of precision, clarity, and limitless artistic expression.

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