Herkules 1/0 Saw Blades – Cuts 18-22g 12pc


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Herkules 1/0 Saw Blades – Cuts 18-22g 12pc

German-made from the finest hardened & tempered special alloy steel, Herkules Saw Blades are well known for high quality. They feature rounded backs to make it easier to turn corners and cut along curves, two actions which are often the downfall of other blades. 

– Recommended to cut 18-22 gauge metal.
– Blade Thickness – 0.0110″
– Blade Depth – 0.0220″
– Blade Size 1/0
– Pack of 12 blades

Herkules Saw Blades are the perfect size for our German Style Saw Frame.

Craft with precision using the Herkules 1/0 Saw Blades, a set of 12 German-made blades renowned for their high quality. These blades are crafted from the finest hardened and tempered special alloy steel, ensuring durability and longevity in your metalworking projects. Designed with rounded backs, these blades facilitate easy turning of corners and cutting along curves, overcoming challenges that may be stumbling blocks for other blades. The Herkules 1/0 Saw Blades are specifically tailored for cutting through 18-22 gauge materials, providing versatility for various jewellery and metalworking applications. Elevate your craftsmanship with these reliable and well-crafted saw blades that reflect the excellence of German engineering.

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