Curved Bead Spinner Big Eye Needle Single by Beadsmith


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The Beadalon Curved Big Eye Beading Needles are perfect for use with the Spin-n-Bead Spinner or other similar bead spinners.

Being a Big Eye Needle, these needles are super-easy to thread. Simply pinch and pull apart the eye. It runs the entire length of the needle!

Use them carefully and they will last you a very long time!

– Sold per individual needle.
– Length – 9cm / 3.5″
– Made in India

Caution: Sharp point. Intended for adult use only

2-pack and 5-pack of spinner needles are also available

The Curved Bead Spinner Needles by BeadSmith offer universal compatibility, allowing them to be used with any brand of bead spinner. This flexibility means you can confidently acquire extra needle packs without concerns about compatibility.

Bead enthusiasts often engage with a diverse array of bead brands and sizes in their projects. The Big Eye design of these needles ensures their adaptability to a wide range of beads and threads, irrespective of the specific type.

Beading enthusiasts are familiar with BeadSmith, a reputable and trusted brand in the realm of beading accessories. Their products are renowned for their quality and durability. Consequently, these needles are constructed to withstand the demands of regular use with various bead spinner brands, instilling users with assurance regarding their performance and long-lasting utility.

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