BeadSmith Vintaj Reliefing Block 95x38x29mm


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Vintaj Reliefing Block 95x38x29mm for metal work.

Highlight raised relief designs with specially colour-coded grits for sanding, buffing and polishing metal.

Grits On This Block:
– Dark Grey – Heavy Grit – Removes paint and patina.
– White – Medium Grit – Lightly Highlights
– Light Grey – Buffs & polishes

The Vintaj Reliefing Block is a versatile tool for metalwork, measuring 95x38x29mm. Designed to enhance raised relief designs, this block features specially colour-coded grits for sanding, buffing, and polishing metal surfaces. The dark grey side, with heavy grit, is ideal for removing paint and patina, providing a thorough and effective cleaning. The white side, with medium grit, delicately highlights details in your metalwork. Finally, the light grey side is perfect for buffing and polishing, leaving your metal creations with a refined and polished finish. This reliefing block is an essential companion for achieving nuanced and professional results in your metalworking projects.

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