BeadSmith EZ-Strike 3-in-1 Hammer


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Bead Smith EZ-Strike 3-in-1 Hammer

Bead Smith’s EZ-STRIKE Metal working hammer includes a fixed steel head plus interchangable nylon and brass heads (third head stores on handle end). The coated handle helps reduce vibration and provides superior comfort and grip.

Total tool weight: 35 ounces / 990 grams.

Discover the pinnacle of versatility and comfort with the Bead Smith EZ-Strike 3-in-1 Hammer – a true powerhouse designed for metalworking enthusiasts who demand excellence in every strike. This exceptional tool from Bead Smith redefines the crafting experience with its ingenious design and thoughtful features.

The EZ-STRIKE Metalworking Hammer boasts a fixed steel head, delivering unwavering durability and power for a range of metalworking applications. What sets this hammer apart is its innovative approach – it includes interchangeable nylon and brass heads, adding a new dimension to your crafting possibilities. The third head conveniently stores on the handle end, ensuring quick and seamless transitions between heads as you tackle diverse projects.

Crafted for the artisan who values comfort and precision, the coated handle of the EZ-Strike hammer is a game-changer. Engineered to reduce vibration and provide superior comfort and grip, this feature ensures that every strike is not only powerful but also remarkably comfortable. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to prolonged, enjoyable crafting sessions.

With a total tool weight of 35 ounces (990 grams), the Bead Smith EZ-Strike 3-in-1 Hammer strikes the perfect balance between heft and maneuverability. Whether you’re shaping, stamping, or texturing, this hammer is your reliable companion, offering the right tool for every facet of your metalworking journey.

The Bead Smith EZ-Strike 3-in-1 Hammer is more than just a tool – it’s a revolution in metalworking. Embrace versatility, enjoy unparalleled comfort, and unleash your creativity with this meticulously designed hammer. Elevate your crafting experience, tackle a myriad of projects, and experience the difference that a superior tool can make in your hands.

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