Bead Smith Split Ring Pliers


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Bead Smith Split Ring Pliers

Bead Smith Split Ring Pliers – Full size 5″ Tool

The split-ring plier is an extremely useful tool for anyone working with Split Rings (not jump rings). Split-rings are metal rings that curl around twice like a mini keychain ring. They’re used as a secure ring for attaching clasps to cord end findings, however they can be problematic if they’re opened incorrectly.

These split ring pliers are like a fine chain nose plier, but one side is bent in with a pointed tip. This tip is set into the split holding the end out just far enough to link on your charm, chain or cord. Once the end is in place, release the ring from the plier and twist the ring around until the loop falls into the ring, just like threading a new key onto your keyring.

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