Bead Smith Needle Big Eye 2.125″ 4 pack


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Bead Smith Needle Big Eye 2.125″ 4 pack

Ideal for seed bead work. The Bead Smith Big Eye Needle is ideal for needle & thread seed bead work. The eye runs almost the entire length of the needle making it the easiest fine needle in the world to thread!

Big Eye needles are a unique type of needle designed for easy threading in various crafting projects. These needles are created by soldering the ends of two needles together, forming an eye that is significantly larger than traditional needle eyes. This feature allows for easy threading of a wide range of materials, making them versatile for different crafting applications.

The Big Eye needles are available in two sizes: 2.125 inches and 5 inches. The choice of needle length depends on the specific requirements of the project. Additionally, these needles are offered in different packaging options, with the choice of either one needle per card or four needles per card, providing flexibility for different project sizes and quantities.

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