Bead Smith 6pc Beading Needle Assortment


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Bead Smith 6pc Beading Needle Assortment

Pack includes:
1 x No. 10 Beading Nedle
1 x No. 12 Beeding Needle
2 x Big Eye Needles
2 x Collapsible Eye Needles

The Bead Smith 6pc Beading Needle Assortment is a versatile and convenient set for various beadwork projects. This assortment includes a No. 10 Beading Needle and a No. 12 Beading Needle, providing options for different bead sizes and project requirements. Additionally, the pack contains two Big Eye Needles and two Collapsible Eye Needles, offering flexibility in threading and accommodating a range of stringing materials. The inclusion of Big Eye Needles makes it easier to thread beads without the need for a separate eye, while Collapsible Eye Needles offer convenience in stringing various bead sizes. This assortment is a valuable addition to any beader’s toolkit, providing the right needle for different tasks and enhancing the overall efficiency of beadwork projects.

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