3000 Piece Deluxe Set Clay and Letter Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit with Elastic Cord

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Deluxe 3000 Piece Clay Letter Bead Friendship Bracelet Kit with Elastic

Our deluxe letter bead bracelet comes packed with everything you need to make a stack of friendship stretch bracelets.

Kit includes:
– 22 colours of Round Clay Disc Heishi Beads (approximately 2300!)
– Other Clay Bead shapes (approximately 25)
– 50g Bag of Letter Beads (approximately 400)
– 6mm Acrylic Beads (approximately 140)
– 4mm Gold Beads (100 pcs)
– Plastic Heart Beads (approximately 30)
– Metal Charms (5pcs)
– Jump Rings (5pcs)
– GS Hypo Cement Adhesive (to glue your knots)
– Elastic Cord (6.5m Roll)
All Conveniently Sorted into a 30-Compartment Storage Box!
**NOTE – Contents are subject to change pending the availability of the components. Where an item, bead shape or bead colour is unavailable, a similar value item will be substituted.

Please Note: Colours and contents shown are an indication only. Kits are packed from available stock so there may be some variation in colours, bead shapes, charms and cord colours. As standard, the Letter Beads in this kit are Gold on White beads. When there is no stock available, we may substitute the letter beads for a different colour.

Saving is off the equivalent separate retail prices of purchasing all the components of this kit.

We strongly recommend using the GS Hypo Cement adhesive provided in this kit to secure your cord knots. Simply knot the elastic and pull it tight. Make another knot on top of the first and pull that tight. Then add a drop of GS Hypo Cement to lock the knot tight. Wait 10 to 20 minutes for the glue to set, then trim the excess elastic. The result will be a secure and permanent knot that won’t slip out.

To make threading your clay beads easier, check out our bead spinners. Spinners make stringing beads much faster and easier than doing them all by hand.

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