Copper Jump Rings

Copper jump rings are essential components in jewellery making due to their versatility and attractive reddish-brown colour. They are commonly used to connect various elements in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, providing a secure and durable link. The malleability of copper makes it easy to manipulate and close the jump rings, ensuring a professional finish for your jewellery designs.

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Copper jump rings are versatile components used in jewellery making, chain maille, and various crafting projects. They are small metal rings made from copper wire, typically with a circular cross-section and an opening that allows them to be linked together. Copper jump rings are valued for their warm colour, durability, and flexibility in crafting intricate designs.

What are Copper Jump Rings?

Copper jump rings are essential findings for jewellery makers and crafters. They are commonly used to connect jewellery components like charms, pendants, and clasps, allowing for fluid movement and flexibility in designs. In chain maille, copper jump rings are woven together in intricate patterns to create armour, decorative pieces, and unique jewellery items.

Uses of Copper Jump Rings in Jewellery Making and Craft

Copper jump rings serve multiple purposes in jewellery making, chain maille, and crafting:

  • Jewellery Making: Use copper jump rings to create chains, attach charms, make earrings, or form intricate patterns in bracelets and necklaces. They add a rustic and warm touch to jewellery designs.
  • Chain Maille: Explore the art of chain maille by weaving copper jump rings into intricate patterns, such as European 4-in-1 or Byzantine weaves. Copper’s flexibility and strength make it ideal for chain maille projects.
  • Crafting: Incorporate copper jump rings into crafting projects like keychains, bookmarks, and home decor items. Their versatility allows for endless creative possibilities.

How to Make Your Own Copper Jump Rings

You can make your own copper jump rings using copper wire and a mandrel:
Materials Needed:

  • Copper wire (preferably soft or half-hard)
  • Mandrel (e.g., dowel rod, metal rod, or specialised jump ring mandrel)
  • Wire cutters
  • Optional: File, sandpaper or Round Your Wire tool for smoothing cut ends


  1. Prepare the Mandrel: Wrap the copper wire tightly around the mandrel, ensuring consistent wraps for uniform rings.
  2. Cut the Rings: Use wire cutters to snip the coils, creating individual jump rings.
  3. Shape and Finish: If needed, file or sand the cut ends to ensure smooth closures.
  4. Making your own copper jump rings allows for customisation in size, gauge, and quantity, making it cost-effective for bulk projects.

Where to Buy Copper Jump Rings in Australia

For a wide selection of high-quality copper jump rings in Australia, including jump rings for jewellery and bulk crafting, look no further than Beads N Crystals. They offer a diverse range of copper jump rings in different sizes and finishes, perfect for all your jewellery and crafting needs. Explore their collection to find the right copper jump rings for your next project and unleash your creativity!

FAQs about Copper Jump Rings

Q: Can You Solder Copper Jump Rings?
A: Yes, copper jump rings can be soldered using appropriate soldering tools and techniques. Soldering can help secure jump rings for more permanent jewellery designs.

Q: How Are Jump Rings Measured?
A: Jump rings are measured by their diameter (inner or outer) and wire gauge. The diameter is typically expressed in millimetres, while the gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used.

Q: Do copper jump rings tarnish over time?
A: Copper jump rings may develop a natural patina over time, which can enhance their rustic appearance. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help minimise tarnishing.

With their warm colour and versatility, copper jump rings are a must-have for any jewellery maker or crafter. Explore the beauty of copper jump rings at Beads N Crystals and unleash your inner creative designer with these essential components! Whether you’re creating jewellery pieces or crafting unique items, copper jump rings offer endless creative possibilities. Unlock your creativity with the timeless appeal of copper jump rings!

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