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Wax Seal Stamps – Christmas Ten Pieces

Includes: Santa Claus, Snowflake, Jingle Bell, Stocking, Gift Box, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Christmas Tree with Decoration Dot, Gingerbread man, Snowman.

Traditional wax seals are used to seal important letters. Nowadays, wax seals have been explored in such a fun way, you can use them with resin creations,  and the stamp head can be used as a template for polymer clay and etc. You can use them to make junk journals, earrings, keyrings, etc. We recommend to seal your wax seal with super seal or a layer of glaze when you want to make it into jewellery or a wearable purpose as the finished stamp can be slightly soft.

To make it easier to release, put moisturiser on the silicon pad or ceramic before making your seal wax stamp.

To make the stamp round, you can use a silicon mold, or after making your seal wax stamps, you can trim your wax stamp with fine scissors and sweep past a gentle fire or candle.

Cleaning tips: Clean it while it is still very warm, just use a pair of tweezers to hold some kitchen paper and wipe it like everytime you clean up your BBQ grill.

Heat the seal wax through, so it can be as runny as it needs to be. Then wait till it slightly cool down before out stamp head in, during the waiting for seal wax cooling down, you can add more colour and glitter or shredded leaf foil. You can use any left over make up from home, like eye liner, lipsticks and eye shade powder. Wait for seal wax completely cool down first before take it off stamp head.

You can also use clear hot glue, opaque hot glue, old stock of hot glue sticks, old stock of hot glue are little bit yellow, but it doesn’t matter when come in creation with seal wax. Their results will just be like the hot glue product with pattern. So add little bit expired make up in to create more colourful results.

Hope you enjoy the fun of use up your old stock and no more guilty about expired lipsticks, eye shadow, and eye liners.

Recommend use 3-4 pieces of wax melts for each stamp.

Do not swallon, this kit contains small part may cause choke.
Work in an open area – open doors and windows, well ventilated area because candles does use oxygen while it is burning, also melts may have wax melting smell.
Not suitable for children under 6 years old
Use should be only under fully ability resposible adult supervision.
NEVER LEAVE Candle with fire on UNATTENDED
Never work with candle near anything that can catch fire
Wax will remain hot after the tea light has been extinguished ,Hot wax can cause burns.
Do not add flammable chemical in candle while using this product.
Hot wax can spill over and this can cause burns and damage to the surrounding surfaces.
Only use standard sized tea lights


Seal wax is not candle wax, not soy wax, candle wax and soy wax both are too running for this purpose. Sealing wax is made from paraffin wax, resin, and coloring pigments like vermillion. Candles, on the other hand, are made from paraffin wax and scented oils. The secret to sealing wax adhering to paper is the resin, also known as shellac.This helps the sealing wax dry hard and glossy, without the greasiness that would be present otherwise.

Candle wax and sealing wax are both made from a base of paraffin wax, but because of the extra scented oils and the lack of resin, candle wax won’t adhere to paper the same way sealing wax will.