Wax Seal Stamp Gift Boxed Starter Kit


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Seal Wax Gift Boxed Starter Kit

Recommend use: 3-4 pieces of wax melts for each stamp.

Starter Kit Includes:
1 x Screw on Stamp Handle – Antique Gold with Green Rhinestone
2 x Glass Jars of Seal Wax (approximately 130-140 pieces)
1 x Antique Gold Paint Pen
3 x Stamps (Lily of the Valley with Nightingale, “Thank you”, Rose)
1 x Seal Wax Melting Spoon
1 x Small Candle
Gift Boxed

Traditional sealing wax, originally employed to secure important letters, has evolved into a versatile and enjoyable craft. Nowadays, the stamp itself can be used in various creative ways, such as in resin crafting or as a template for polymer clay using the stamp head. These wax seals can add a personal touch to projects like junk journals, letters, envelopes, gift wrapping, earrings, and keyrings. For those intending to transform their seal wax creations into jewellery or wearable items, it is advisable to seal the finished stamp with either resin sealer or a layer of epoxy resin glaze, as this helps ensure the durability of the seal, which would otherwise be soft and easy to break.

To make it easier to release the wax seal from porous surfaces like ceramic and porcelain, apply some moisturiser before making your seal wax stamp.

To make the stamp round, you can use silicon mold, or after make your seal wax stamps, you can trim your wax stamp with fine sessiors and smooth by gently passing a flame around the edges.

Cleaning Tips: Clean the stamp while still warm. A pair of tweezers and some paper towel will be useful when cleaning the stamp heads.

Heat the sealing wax until it reaches the desired consistency for pouring. Pout into place and allow it to cool slightly before pressing the stamp head. While waiting for the wax to cool, you have a brief opportunity to enhance it by adding more powdered pigment, glitter, or shredded leaf foil. Household items like leftover makeup, such as eyeliner, lipsticks, and eyeshadow powder, can be used to achieve unique effects. Ensure the sealing wax has fully cooled before removing the stamp head.

For creating wax stamps, you have additional options beyond stamping wax. Clear hot glue, opaque hot glue, or even old stock of hot glue sticks (which might have a slightly yellow tint due to aging) can be used effectively. The yellowing will actually add a vintage touch to your stamps when combined with seal wax in your creative projects. The outcome will resemble a hot glue product with a pattern.

Not Suitable for Children Under 6 Years
Children MUST be Supervised by a Competent Adult
DO NOT SWALLOW.  Small parts may present a choking hazard.
Work in an open well ventilated area.

Keep Candle Away from Flammable Surfaces and Materials
CAUTION: HOT WAX & HOT TOOLS – Hot wax and tools can cause burns.
Only use Standard Sized Tea Light Candles

Seal wax is not candle wax, not soy wax, candle wax and soy wax both are too running for this purpose. Sealing wax is made from paraffin wax, resin, and coloring pigments like vermillion. Candles, on the other hand, are made from soy or paraffin wax and scented oils. The secret to sealing wax adhering to paper is the resin, also known as shellac. This helps the sealing wax dry hard and glossy, without the greasiness that would be present otherwise.

Candle wax and sealing wax are both made from a base of paraffin wax, but because of the extra scented oils and the lack of resin, candle wax won’t adhere to paper the same way sealing wax will.

We stock replacement stamping wax suitable for this tool. Extra candles can be purchased from your local supermarket, department or discount store. Additional metal stamp heads are available in a range of festive designs.

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