Tarnish Resistant Wire Guardian Antique Silver 50pk


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Tarnish Resistant Wire Guardian Antique Silver 50pk

Use wire guardians at the end of your tigertail. They form a loop and prevent the tigertail from being damaged or cut by findings. All good jewellery made for sale should include Guardians as it will prolong the life of the jewellery.

Wire guardians are small, tube-shaped findings that provide protection and reinforcement for jewellery wire connections. They are commonly used in jewellery making to prevent wire from wearing or fraying at clasps or connectors. Wire guardians are threaded onto the wire before attaching the clasp or connector, creating a smooth and secure transition point that helps extend the lifespan of the jewellery piece and provides added strength and durability.

Base Metal: Brass

Brass based findings with metallic plating and a special tarnish resistant coating to resist oxidation and discolouration over time. They are sealed and protected from outside elements that could cause oxidation or discoloration, however the coating can wear off if you don’t look after it. These findings are not tarnish-proof, they are tarnish resistant. This doesn’t mean it will never tarnish, we all know that even precious metals can tarnish, that’s why we recommend looking after your jewellery pieces.

Always store your jewellery carefully to prevent scratches and wear. Remove your jewellery when applying perfumes, makeup, or creams. Keeping your jewellery dry and removing it before swimming and showering will exponentially extend the life of your treasured creations. Regularly clean your jewellery with a soft, clean cloth.

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