Sculpey Bead Making Starter Kit


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Sculpey Bead Making Kit includes the essential tools for making beautiful clay beads.


– Clay Baking Cushion. Reusable cushion prevents beads from having a flat side when baked.
– 400/800 Grit Wet/Dry Sand Paper. Create a smooth finish to baked beads. Texture unbaked clay.
– Blade. Make clean straight cuts.
– Circle Cutter. Helps make the same sized bead every time.
– Needle Tool. Pierce unbaked beads. Also for fine detail patterns.
– Lentil Bead Tool. Used to reate lentil shaped beads.
– Clay Roller. Essential tool for rolling out flat sheets of clay.
– Storage Pouch. Bonus pouch holds all of the tools.
– Bead Baking Guide. Everything you need to know to use all of the included tools.

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