Tri-Bead Roller Set for Polymer Clay


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These sets have been sourced direct from the factory and come without instructions or packaging.

The Tri-Bead Roller Set is an essential tool for making perfectly uniform beads every time. Whether you’re using Polymer Clay, Air Dry Clay or PMC, you’ll be able to use this tool to make beads in three different shapes.

Create your own beads for necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings and more!

Bead Sizes:

  • 11mm Round.

  • 8x16mm Oval.

  • 6mm Bicone.

Includes a bead measuring ring to ensure accuracy of sizing.

To use:
1. Fill the measuring ring tightly with clay. Ensure there are no air cavities. Press the ring against the table and use a blade or knife to slice across the top to ensure the correct amount of clay.
2. Remove the clay from the measuring ring and roll it into a ball. Then place it into the centre of the groove for your desired bead shape.
4. Place the top on the tool and slide back and forth until the clay has formed the bead shape. Remove your bead.

Once you’ve created your bead shape, it can be pierced to create a hole before baking or drilled after baking.

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