Sculpey Essential Tool Kit 11 Piece Set


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Sculpey Essential Tool Kit includes 11 pieces, 7 separate tools in total, ideal for those getting started with Polymer Clay.

1. Clay Roller – Essential tool for rolling smooth, even sheets of clay.
2. Super Slicer with 2 Handles – Rigid Blade with 2 detachable handles for making clean straight cuts.
3. 6mm Style & Detail Tool – Dual purpose tool for shaping and smoothing.
4. Texture Wheel – Handle with 2 Design Wheels – Add detail to clay by simply rolling the wheel.
5. Blunt Point Tool – 2 Distinctive ends for forming and detailing.
6. Clay Knife – Plastic knife for cutting, smoothing and blending clay.
7. Needle End Pointer – Needle tool to create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns.

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