Nylon Tassel with Gold Cap 10cm Long – Red


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Nylon Tassel with Gold Cap 10cm Long

Size (Approximate):
– 100mm Long
– 10mm Diamater (Metallic Cap)
– 2mm Hole (Horizontal)

Material: Nylon

Attach this tassel with a jump ring or split ring or thread directly onto your creation.

Tassels measuring 10cm in length are the perfect-sized creative accents to weave into a myriad of crafty endeavours. These petite embellishments inject a touch of charm and elegance into any project, whether you’re designing jewellery, enhancing home decor, or crafting fashionable accessories. With a spectrum of sizes, colours, and materials at your disposal, they provide a stylish means to enhance the visual appeal and tactile richness of your craft pursuits.

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