Clip On Earrings Large Loop 25mm Gold Plated 2pk


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Clip On Earrings Large Loop 25mm Gold Plated 2pk

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To open, don’t pull to enlarge the circle. Instead simply flick the movable pad down with your finger nail.

These look Great and are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear.

Clip-on ear hoops are earring findings designed for individuals without pierced ears or those who prefer non-pierced options.

Design: Clip-on ear hoops resemble traditional hoop earrings but feature a spring mechanism that holds onto the earlobe. They are circular in shape and come in various colours and sizes.

Easy Application: Clip-on ear hoops are easy to apply and remove. The spring-loaded mechanism and pad allows for a secure grip on the earlobe, providing a comfortable and stable fit while being gentle on the ear.

Versatility: Clip-on ear hoops offer versatility in style, size, and material. They are available in different metal finishes and sizes.

Clip-on ear hoops are a popular choice for individuals seeking non-pierced earring alternatives. They provide the stylish look of hoop earrings without the need for ear piercings, offering a comfortable and accessible option for expressing personal style.

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