Swarovski 5328 Bicones in the small 3mm size. The hole size is 0.8mm.

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The 3mm Swarovski bicone beads are exquisite crystals that offer a perfect balance of delicacy and brilliance. These small yet captivating beads are part of the prestigious Swarovski Elements collection, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

With their precision-cut facets, the 3mm bicone shape creates a mesmerising sparkle, making them an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance to various jewellery designs. Their versatility allows for creating delicate bracelets, charming earrings, and intricate beadwork projects.

Available in a wide range of colours, including classic shades and vibrant hues, the 3mm Swarovski bicone beads offer endless creative possibilities for jewellery makers. Their small size makes them perfect for intricate patterns and adding subtle pops of colour to any jewellery piece. With the Swarovski logo etched on each bead, you can be confident in their authenticity and exceptional beauty, making the 3mm Swarovski bicone beads a cherished choice for jewellery artisans worldwide.

Showing 1–40 of 149 results