5000 Round

Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads are precision-cut, high-quality crystals known for their exceptional brilliance and clarity. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, they are popular among jewellery makers for creating dazzling and glamorous designs. We guarantee authenticity of our Swarovski beads which represent unparalleled beauty of these crystals.

Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads are a premium line of precision-cut crystals renowned for their exceptional brilliance, clarity, and quality. These beads are produced by Swarovski, a prestigious Austrian company with a long-standing reputation for crafting high-end crystals since 1895. The 5000 series refers to the round shape of these beads.

Features and Characteristics:

Cut and Facets: Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads are cut with precision using advanced machinery and technology. They feature multiple facets and a precise symmetrical shape that maximises the reflection of light, resulting in unparalleled sparkle and brilliance.

Materials and Colours: These beads are made from high-quality crystal glass, which enhances their clarity and brilliance. Swarovski offers an extensive range of colours, from classic clear crystals to a spectrum of vibrant and unique hues, allowing designers to add captivating colour and glamour to their creations.

Sizes: Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads are available in various sizes, from the smallest 2mm to larger sizes like 8mm and 10mm, catering to a wide range of jewellery and accessory designs.

Versatility: The 5000 series round crystal beads are highly versatile and can be used in various jewellery-making techniques, including stringing, bead weaving, wire wrapping, embroidery, and more. Their exceptional cut and shine make them perfect for creating dazzling necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other fashion accessories.

Authenticity: Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads from Beads N Crystals are guaranteed to be genuine Austrial crystal beads made by Swarovski logo. Our authenticity is certain as all stock was purchased directly from Swarovski Austria.

Swarovski 5000 series round crystal beads are a favorite among jewellery designers, fashion enthusiasts, and crafters seeking to elevate their projects with the finest crystals available. Their exquisite beauty and renowned quality make them a popular choice for creating eye-catching and luxurious jewellery pieces, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any design.