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Enhance Your Creations with Exquisite Silver-Plated Bead Caps and Cones
Discover the perfect complement to your jewellery designs with our meticulously crafted silver-plated bead caps and cones. Add sophistication and style to every piece with these elegant accents. Explore our range today.

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What are silver-plated bead caps?

Bead caps are a type of jewellery finding. Cup-shaped, they are used in beading projects to dress up the beads. They are available in many different styles, designs and sizes and give your work a decorative, textured and professional look. A selection of different finishes can be applied to the caps to give them an antique, vintage or modern touch.

What are silver-plated bead caps used for?

Silver-plated bead caps are used for many purposes. They add structure and interest to any beaded design, accentuating and framing the beads. They range from plain to highly decorative designs that let more of the surface of the beads show through.

Many jewellery makers like to pair the more ornamental caps with plainer-looking beads, but there really are no rules. Not only can bead caps be used on both ends of the bead, but they can also be used on a single end to create an acorn effect. The caps bring flair to colour palettes, and multiple caps can be nested or layered together to create strikingly original designs.

As well as adding a decorative element to your beaded projects, caps are highly functional. Use them to reduce the size of bigger bead holes so that the beads stay in place. Caps are also ideal for camouflaging damage around bead holes.

What does silver-plated mean?

Silver-plating is the process of coating a base metal, such as brass or copper, with a thin layer of silver. The thickness of the plating is variable. For silver-plated bead caps, the average thickness is approximately 2 microns (or 0.0002 cm). So while silver-plated bead caps may look like silver, in reality, they have a very low silver content and cannot be regarded as real silver.

Silver plating is very popular in jewellery making because it offers a low-cost alternative to sterling silver and pure silver. Many of the bead caps for sale at Beads N Crystals are lead, nickel and cadmium free.

How to buy bead caps in the right size

Silver-plated bead caps often have two measurements — for example, 18 mm x 3 mm. The bigger number tells you the outside diameter or width of the bead cap. The smaller number indicates the depth of the cap.

When it comes to matching bead caps to the size of your beads, it is usually best to experiment to get the fit and look you want. If you have an 18-mm bead and you place a bead cap with an 18-mm diameter on each end, the caps will swallow the bead. By using a bead cap with a smaller diameter, you can showcase the bead to better effect.

The best bead cap size really depends on the effect you want to achieve. At Beads N Crystals, we suggest you buy bead caps in different sizes and designs so you can play around with different configurations. Let your imagination run wild — you’ll be delighted with the results.

Projects that use silver-plated beads and accessories

Silver-plated beads and accessories add sparkle and polish to all jewellery-making and beading projects, including:

• Necklaces, bracelets and earrings
• Adornment of clothing, accessories and home furnishings
• Scrapbook embellishment

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Showing all 14 results