WaterBEADS Bulk – Rainbow – 250g Bag


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WaterBEADS Bulk – 250g Bag

Each bag contains somewhere around 14,500 beads which will expand in water to make about 30kg or around 25-30 litres.

These bulk bags are packed by weight and dur to production variance some colours may have larger or smaller beads. This will result in a different bead count and litre volume. The weight volume should be about 30kg. Remember, if the production of beads results in a smaller bead size they will sit closer together so appear slightly less in volume. Similarly, a slightly larger bead will sit further apart giving the appearance of slightly more volume. For this reason, the volume and count estimates are a rough guide only.

Bulk Water Beads offer an exciting solution for event organisers and resellers alike. With each 250g bag expanding to approximately 25-30 litres of vividly coloured Water Beads, the possibilities are endless. For added convenience, use our digital scales and clip seal bags to customise your own pack sizes. Keep in mind that if you plan on reselling to the public, it’s essential to apply Safety & Instruction information to each bag, ensuring a safe and informed experience for your customers. Prepare to embark on a vibrant and profitable journey with Bulk Water Beads!

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