Silver Clip On Earring Finding With 10mm Flat Pad (LCF)


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Silver Clip On Earring Finding With 10mm Flat Pad (Lead & Cadmium Free)

Rubber Cusion Pads included

Earring Clip Component Size: 10x17x8mm, Hole for Cushion Pad (incouded) 3mm

Sold per piece – so please order in even numbers to recieve enough to make pairs.

We recommend using E6000 to adhere metal, stone, clay etc to this component. For foil-back crystals scuh as Shimr, Swarovski and Preciosa, we recommend E6000 Jewellery & Bead Adhesive. To ensure a good adhesion, you may like to rough up the surface with an old tool or sandpaper.

Clip-on earring findings with a flat pad are specialised earring components that allow for easy attachment of elements using adhesive.

Design: Clip-on earring findings with a flat pad consist of a clip mechanism and a flat surface or pad at the front. The pad provides a smooth and secure area for adhering elements like cabochons, buttons, or other decorative components.

Attachment: To create earrings using these findings, you can apply a suitable adhesive, such as E6000 jewellery glue or epoxy resin, to the flat pad. Then, carefully place the desired element onto the pad and press it firmly to ensure proper adhesion.

Versatility: The flat pad on these clip-on findings allows for a wide variety of elements to be attached, including gemstones, glass cabochons, fabric, or even personalized designs like custom-printed images. This versatility allows for endless creative possibilities in designing unique and personalised clip-on earrings.

These clip-on earring findings with a flat pad are particularly useful for individuals without pierced ears or for those who prefer non-pierced earring options. They offer a convenient and accessible way to create customised earrings by adhering various elements securely to the flat pad.

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