Silver Bracelet Ring With Screw Off Ball


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Silver Bracelet Ring With Screw Off Ball

Simply twist off the screw-ball and thread on your own beads or charms. For charms, ensure they are each attached to a small jump ring. This will allow it to be threaded onto the wire bracelet and not fall off. It also adds extra movement allowing it to hang nicely. For beads, ensure they have a large enough hole. The wire needs to not only be able to fit through the hole, but the curvature of the wire needs to be considered. Glass crystal like Swarovski and Preciosa for example may crack if the wire applies pressure to the edges of both ends of the bead hole.

A bracelet ring with a screw-off ball, also known as a captive bead ring, is a versatile piece of jewellery that combines the elements of a bracelet and a ring. It features a circular ring that can be worn on the wrist like a bracelet, with a removable ball or bead that screws onto the ring, acting as a closure.

The screw-off ball serves both a functional and decorative purpose. It secures the ring closed by resting in the loop on the opposite end of the bracelet, and also prevents the beads or charms from coming off. The screw-off ball allows for easy replacement of beads or charms which can easily be threaded onto the wire.

Bracelet rings with screw-off balls offer a distinctive and fashionable accessory option that can be worn on its own, threaded with beads and/or charms, or layered with other bracelets and rings for a trendy and stacked look. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or want to showcase a bold and eye-catching bracelet, this type of jewellery combines functionality and style, adding a touch of individuality to your wrist.

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