Silicone Resin Mold – Cat and Dog


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Silicone Resin Mold Cat and Dog

Reusable silicone mold with 6 shapes.

– 1 x Cat Head 22x26mm
– 2 x Cat Head 13x15mm
– 1 x Paw Print 22x24mm
– 2 x Paw Print 14x15mm

Overall mold size 48x77mm at 8mm thick.

Simply fill, cure and pop! Our premium silicone molds can be used again and again! To use, simply fill with UV resin and your favorite inclusions, cure with UV light and pop the finished resin piece out of the mold. Clean gently with soap and water, or try wet wipes to quickly remove any residue.

Molds also work well with 2-part epoxy resin and polymer clays.

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