shimr Marguerite Lochrose Flower Crystal Lagoon AB Foiled 10mm


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Marguerite Lochrose Flower Crystals, often called the Margarita Flower Crystal are the beads used to make sparkly Christmas Tree Earrings.

Shimr crystals offer superb brilliance at an economical price. Sold per piece, these beautiful crystals stack up on a headpin to create gorgeous Christmas Tree designs. They’re perfect for festive earrings, a pendant, decoration or charm.

Our bulk price options make these crystals even more affordable and ideal for making jewellery to sell or gift.

These crystals are Foiled meaning they have a metallic silver foil applied to the back of the crystal. This makes them sparkle brighter than a regular transparent component. Light refracts back out of the crystal rather than passing through. The result is a brighter, richer and more dramatic look.

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