Sculpey Soufflé Concrete 6645 48g


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Sculpey Soufflé Concrete 6645 48g

Sculpey Soufflé Polymer Clay 48g 1.7oz Block

Sculpey Soufflé Polymer Clay in Concrete offers a modern and sophisticated touch to your crafting projects, emulating the sleek and neutral tones of its namesake material. This versatile colour adds depth and understated elegance to your creations, whether you’re sculpting contemporary jewellery pieces or crafting minimalist figurines. Souffle’s soft, suede-like texture makes it easy to manipulate and shape, allowing for precise detailing and smooth finishes. The matte finish of Souffle lends a professional look to your work, while its lightweight nature makes it a pleasure to work with. Experiment with different techniques such as stamping, texturing, and carving to explore the versatility of this unique clay. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, let the subtle sophistication of Concrete inspire your next masterpiece.

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