Sculpey Soufflé Bluestone 6003 48g


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Sculpey Soufflé Bluestone 6003 48g

Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay 48g 1.7oz Block

Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay in Bluestone is a versatile medium beloved by artisans and crafters alike. With its soft, suede-like texture, Souffle allows for smooth manipulation and intricate detailing in sculpting projects. The unique formulation of Soufflé, featuring a delicate matte finish, gives creations a sophisticated, professional look. Whether you’re crafting jewellery, home decor, or figurines, Souffle’s lightweight nature and ease of blending make it a joy to work with. Experiment with different techniques such as stamping, texturing, and carving to unlock the full potential of this remarkable clay. Create stunning pieces with subtle hues and intricate textures that showcase the beauty of Bluestone. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, Souffle is forgiving nature and vibrant colour palette will inspire endless creativity in your projects

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