Sampler Sculpey III Mixed Colour Sampler 30pk 853g (1.88lb)


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Sculpey III is a great introduction to oven-bake clay because it is soft and easy to use. This economical pack is a great way to create with larger groups, camps and classrooms.

– Great for beginners, general crafters and kid/parent projects due to its soft, easy to use texture.
– Stays soft until baked – Does not air dry. Remains soft and flexible until it is baked in your home oven.
– Extra clay can be stored and reused – won’t dry out!
– Great for a variety of projects such as: jewelry, DIY home décor, mixed media and more!
– Safe and non-toxic! 

Includes 30 – 1 oz. bars: Red, Deep Red Pearl, Red Hot Red, Just Orange, Yellow, Lemonade, Glow in the Dark, Granny Smith, Emerald, Teal Glitter, Teal Pearl, Turquoise, Blue Glitter, Sky Blue, Navy Pearl, Blue, Purple, Spring Lilac, Violet Glitter, Pink Glitter, Ballerina, Beige, Gold, Chocolate, Suede Brown, Black, Silver, Translucent, Pearl, White.

Sculpey III stands out as an excellent introduction to the world of oven-bake clay, renowned for its soft and user-friendly characteristics. This economical pack becomes a versatile asset, making it an ideal choice for creating with larger groups, organizing camps, or conducting inspiring classroom projects.

Designed with beginners, general crafters, and parent-child collaborations in mind, Sculpey III boasts a soft and easy-to-use texture. This unique clay remains pliable until baked, eliminating the need for immediate drying and allowing ample time for creative exploration. Furthermore, any extra clay can be conveniently stored and reused without the risk of drying out, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective crafting experience.

The possibilities with Sculpey III extend far and wide, making it perfect for a myriad of projects, including jewelry crafting, DIY home décor, mixed media creations, and more. Its safety and non-toxic nature make it an ideal choice for creative endeavors involving kids and families. Elevate your crafting experience with the soft, malleable, and hassle-free qualities of Sculpey III, where imagination knows no bounds!

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