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Sculpey polymer clay sampler packs are an excellent way to explore a variety of colours and formulations within the Sculpey product range. These packs include a curated selection of clay colours, allowing you to experiment and create with different shades and combinations. It’s a convenient option for beginners who want to try out different clay types or experienced artists looking to expand their colour palette.

Beads N Crystals stocks the complete range of polymer clay from Sculpey so please check out the categories for Premo, Souffle and Sculpey III, along with Liquid Sculpey and more.

The sampler packs are designed to provide a range of options for different projects and techniques. They may include soft, flexible clay for detailed work, firmer clay for sculpting, and specialty clays with unique finishes or effects. This allows you to explore the specific properties of each clay and discover which ones best suit your creative needs.

With the sampler packs, you can unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities of polymer clay without committing to large quantities of individual colours. They are a cost-effective way to add variety to your clay collection and inspire new artistic creations.

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Showing all 9 results