Polyester Tassel with Large Loop 90mm – Royal Blue


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Polyester Tassel with Large Loop 90mm – Royal Blue

Size (Approximate):
– 90mm Long (from head to base – excludes loop)
– 10mm Diamater (head)
– 50mm Long Loop

Material: Polyester
Thread Count at Bottom: Appriximately 250

Tassels are like adaptable, decorative elements with the power to infuse a delightful touch of charm and sophistication into a wide range of craft projects. Whether they’re adorning a handcrafted necklace, enhancing a curtain tieback, or adding an elegant finish to the edges of a stylish tablecloth, tassels hold a special place in the hearts of artisans and craft enthusiasts. Their unique ability to introduce texture and visual intrigue makes them an enduring favorite for anyone looking to enhance their creative works.

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