Lava Beads 6mm Round Black Strand


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Natural Lava Beads 6mm Round Strand

Embrace the essence of simplicity and style with our Lava Beads 6mm Round Black Strand. These beads, with their modest 6mm size, offer a perfect balance between delicacy and impact, making them a versatile choice for various jewellery creations. The classic black hue exudes a timeless elegance, providing a sleek backdrop for your imaginative designs.

Crafted from volcanic lava, these beads possess a porous quality that extends even to their smaller dimensions. This unique feature allows the beads to absorb and hold essential oils, introducing an element of functionality to your jewellery. Enhance your creations with a personal touch by infusing these beads with your preferred essential oil, creating a discreet aromatherapy experience that accompanies you throughout the day.

Whether you’re designing bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, the Lava Beads 6mm Round Black Strand invites you to explore the beauty of understated sophistication. Turn it up a notch with these versatile beads, where simplicity meets functionality, and style intertwines with the soothing essence of aromatherapy.

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