Jacquard Lumiere Metallics Exciter Pack


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Jacquard Lumiere Metallics Exciter Pack – 8 x 14.79ml

Lumiere is a light-bodied, lusterous metallic paint for fabric, wood, paper, leather and Polymer Clay.

For best performance on fabric, heat-set by ironing.

Apply Lumiere straight from the bottle or with a brush, sponge, stamp or stencil.

Easy clean-up with soap and water.

Pack includes 8 bottles of 8.5FL oz (14.79ml per bottle)

– 551 Pewter
– 555 Halo Pink Rose
– 557 Halo Violet Gold
– 561 Metallic Gold
– 562 Metallic Olive Green
– 565 Metallic Bronze
– 568 Pearlescent White
– 571 Pearlescent Turquoise

The Jacquard Lumiere Metallics Exciter Pack is a delightful collection of shimmering and lustrous metallic paints that will elevate your artistic projects to new heights. This pack includes a variety of 8 vibrant and stunning metallic shades, perfect for adding a touch of brilliance and opulence to your artwork. The Lumiere Metallics are known for their exceptional coverage and versatility, making them suitable for various surfaces, including fabric, paper, wood, and more. Whether you’re a mixed media artist, a crafter, or a textile designer, this exciting set of metallic paints will add a captivating and dazzling dimension to your creative endeavours.

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