Unicorn SPiT 4-Pack Celebration 4x2oz


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Unicorn SPiT 4-Pack Celebration 4x2oz

Contains 4 x 2fl oz (59.1ml) bottles of Unicorn SPiT
Total volume 8fl oz / 236.4ml

Celebration Collection:
– Zia
– Pixie Punk Pink
– Purple Hiill Majesty
– Zeus Gold

The Unicorn SPiT Celebration Collection brings an array of festive and vibrant colours that are perfect for adding a touch of celebration to any project. This set features four stunning shades, including the bold and energetic Zia, the lively Pixie Punk Pink, the regal Purple Hill Majesty, and the luxurious Zeus Gold. Each bottle contains a unique gel stain and glaze in one, making it easy to apply and achieve beautiful, multi-dimensional effects on various surfaces such as wood, glass, metal, fabric, and ceramic. These rich, concentrated colours can be used individually for striking accents or blended together for custom hues, allowing for endless creative expression. Whether you’re looking to enhance furniture, create stunning art pieces, or add a splash of colour to home decor, the Celebration Collection provides the perfect palette to bring your imaginative ideas to life with a joyous and festive flair.

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