Tool Storage Case 24x38cm Velcro Wrap


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Tool Storage Case 25x38cm

Colours available may include:
– Blue / Green, or
– Pink / Purple
Colours supplied at random from available stock.

This handy storage case fold open to reveal spaces to keep all your pliers, tools and supplies. The six velcro straps will hold crimpers, cutters and pliers neatly and securely where you can easily find them. Three elasticised pockets can hold other small tools and supplies. They’re also a great place to keep small rolls of wire or clip-seal bags of findings. Two more pockets are elasticised and also have a velcro fold-over top. They’re great for other small components and parts that need extra security to stay put.

The tool case folds around and is secured shut with an attached velcro strap. The entire case folds down to about 10cm x 38cm. Perfect for travel and beading on the go.

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