Silicone Liquid Sculpey Mixing Set


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Liquid Sculpey Mixing Set

This 3-piece mixing set is perfect for use with Liquid Sculpey Polymer Clay and epoxy resin! 

Oven Safe Silicone cup (100 ml / 3.4 oz) made of Clear Silicone so you to see what you are mixing for even colour distribution. The scale on the outside of the cup allows for easy measuring and the spout makes pouring easy and clean.
High quality flexible silicone means the cup is not only easy to clean and fully reusable, but you can also bake in the cup! Bake any residue for easy mess-free cleanup.

The plastic lid allows you to cover and seal the clay inside the cup for future use. Keeping out the dust. Since the clay won’t dry out and doesn’t set until baked, it will stay fresh in the cup for a very long time.

Also included is a Dual End Stirring stick. The scoop end features flat sides and bottom for scraping both the sides and bottom of the cup when stirring very important for even colour mixing and also epoxy resin use.

The scoop end is also great for adding in glitter and pigment or mica powders, no mess! Just scoop and add to the cup.
Pointed end is perfect for detail work, positioning inclusions, pushing the clay into fine details of the mold or clay piece and popping any bubbles.

Stick fits into a 30ml bottle of Liquid Sculpey for easy in-bottle stirring as well.

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