Shimr Crystal Sew-on with Claw Setting Crystal Peach Mix 25pk


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Shimr Crystal Sew-on with Claw Setting Crystal Peach Mix 25pk

Crystal Colour: Crystal Peach Foiled
Claw Setting Metal Colour: Antique Silver
Attachment Points: 4 holes (2 parallel pairs)

Each Pack Contains:

– 13x18mm Oval Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 2 pieces
– 13x18mm Rectangle Facted Cut Crystal Sew-on 2 pieces
– 13x18mm Teardrop Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 2 Pieces
– 18mm Equilateral Triangle Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 2 pieces
– 10mm Square Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 2 pieces
– 7x15mm Navette Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 3 pieces
– 4x15mm Navette Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 3 pieces
– 8x13mm Teardrop Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 3 pieces
– 10mm Heart Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 3 pieces
– 10mm Round Faceted Cut Crystal Sew-on 3 pieces

These premium quality Shimr fancy stones are set in a metal claw setting. They can be glued in place or sewn on using the two pairs of parallel holes in the back of the setting.

Add a splash of brilliance to formal or casual outfits, dance costumes and accessories. These crystals also work perfectkly in beadwork patterns and designs for accessories, jewellery and decorations.

If you need these crystals without the metal settings, or if you only need the metal settings for other crystals you may already have, these pirces can easily be separated using a small pointed or flat tool to carefully lift the claws.

If you love these crystals as much as we do, check out our complete set which includes all of the colours with a great discount.

Washing instructions:
– Handwash preferred
– Turn garment inside out and carefully wash in cool to luke warm water with mild detergent.
– Hang to dry out of direct sunlight

Care and attention during washing will allow for many years of brilliance and life.

Crystals can be cleaned and restored to original brilliance if dull, using a lint-free cloth or alcohol wipes as commonly used on reading glasses.

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