Sculpey Polymer Clay Conditioning Roller Machine


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The Sculpey Polymer Clay Roller Machine makes clay work a breeze! Create consistently flat sheets of polymer clay or blend colours together with ease.

Now with Full Stainless Steel Rollers – Even better quality, won’t rust and easier to clean!

Before Use
Run some moist disposable cleaning wipes through the rollers several times to remove any dust or oil on the rollers.

9 Thickness Settings
Use the dial to adjust the spacing between the rollers and the resulting thickness of your clay sheets. Use the thickest setting (1) first and work your way up to the thinner settings. Change the settings by gently putting on the knob and turning to the desired number. Ensure the knob is locked into place before rolling.

Rolling Instructions
First work your clay with an acrylic roller until it is close to the largest setting on the roller. Use the clamp to attach the roller machine firmly to your work table. Insert the crank handle and turn slowly in a clockwise motion. Remember not to turn the crank in reverse to avoid clay becoming stuck behind the rollers. Roll and fold the clay between 10 and 20 times to soften and condition the clay.

Wipe the rollers with soft dry paper towel. Do not use sharp tools to scrape off excess clay. Do not use metal cleaning instruments as you will damage the rollers. Do not insert any tools under the side bars as this may damage the machine and result in uneven rolling.

Do not use the Polymer Clay Roller on food products. It is recommended to keep the machine with your craft supplies and not in the kitchen. Children must have adult supervision when using this tool. The rollers may catch or pinch fingers, hair, clothing or jewellery. Use with care.

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