Quick Start Peyote Beginners Size 11 Starter Cards 3pk


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Size 11 Seeds / Cylinders
Cut card to size for tubular peyote
3 wide size Single-Use cards per pack

Never Struggle to Start a Peyote Project Again! New from Deb Moffett-Hall, Quick Start Peyote is a fast & easy way to start flat even-count or odd-count peyote projects. These starter cards are precision laser cut from durable 3-layer laminate. They look like paper but work like plastic – they’re sturdy enough to reuse again and again!

Step-by-step instructions with color diagrams
Start with only 1st row “up” beads!
No need to alternate rows 1 & 2
Designed for use with 11° Delica cylinder beads and size 11 seed beads 
Join cards together for larger projects, odd or even count
Can also be used to start Right Angle Weave projects
Free to print, share, & teach peyote patterns online each month

“a brilliant little tool….with perfectly spaced holes that function as a starter row”.


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