Googly Eyes 20mm Joggle Glue On 100 Piece Pack


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Googly Eyes 20mm Joggle Glue On 100 Piece Pack

These playful craft items consist of a small black disk encased in a clear, sturdy plastic shell, resulting in a delightful jiggling effect when in motion. From key rings and phones to containers, the possibilities for personalisation are endless! Each pack boasts 100 plactic googly eyes, providing you with an abundance of opportunities to infuse personality into otherwise lifeless objects. Incorporate them into your drawings, paintings, or sculptures to impart a lighthearted and amusing touch to any craft project.

Whether you refer to them as joggly eyes, googly eyes, or wiggly eyes, these whimsical crafting essentials are an absolute must-have for your creative toolkit! For optimal results, we recommend using Shamrock Joggle Eyes with craft glue. Steer clear of superglues and epoxy-style adhesives, as they may compromise the integrity of the plastic casing. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on a crafting adventure with these delightful joggly eyes!

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