Glass Crystal Teardrop Ball 30mm Purple Baked Suncatcher Pendant


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Vintage look Glass Crystal Teardrop Ball Drop Pendant

These teardrops are perfect for ornamental decorations or suncatchers. They’re produced using a glass crystal ball (slightly teardrop shaped) which is dipped into a special colour formula similar to an enamel. They are then baked to cure the colour. This process gives the ball a distinctly old-world appeal. It closely resembles the coloured balls of the past, from a time before laser cutting technology when these types of products were made individually by hand. They don’t have the harsh sharp cut facet and pure clear look, or the light refraction of laser-cut crystal. Instead they have a warm, friendly and softer appearance.
Size: 30mm
Colour: Purple

Note that due to the manufacturing technique, variations in colour and colour intensity across the piece, and some surface imperfections is common and characteristic of the hand-made look these pieces are trying to achieve.

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