Anti-Tarnish Zip-Lock Storage Bags 2.5×3″ 10pk


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Anti-Tarnish Zip-Lock Storage Bags 2.5×3″ 10pk

These non-abrasive, non-toxic, environmentally friendly tarnish resistant bags offer protection for up to 3 years. Utilises Lucent Technologies patented Corrosion Intercept® polymers that react with and permanently neutralise atmospheric gasses that cause tarnishing of metals. Does not contain charcoals, oils, or volatile corrosion inhibitors. Does not leave deposits on items it protects, will not harm gemstones, is temperature and humidity independent, and breaks down to a polymer dust in a landfill.

Tips for use:
* Make sure that your jewellery is clean, dry and free of oils from fingerprints before placing in the bag.
* Make sure bags are securely zipped closed with mosy air expelled.
* Avoid using rubber bands, water based tapes, masking tapes and duct tapes.
* Unused unopened bags have a shelf life of 5 years.
* Store bags indoors, avoiding direct sunlight, water, furnaces and attics.
* When the copper side of the bag turns black, it’s time to replace the bag.

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