Seer Stones

A Seer Stone is a naturally water polished gemstone which has been cut to reveal an inner world inside the crystal. These stones are known as window stones and help to reveal the future, past or present and can take you deep into your inner self. They may be used for divination, meditation, and accessing intuitive wisdom, providing a unique tool for spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

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What is a Seer Stone?

A seer stone, also known as a window stone or a portal stone, is a naturally occurring crystal or gemstone that has a cut and polished flat surface on one side, often with an overall rounded or irregular shape. The polished surface of the stone is believed to act as a “window” or a “portal” that allows the user to peer into the stone and access hidden insights, wisdom, or visions.

How do Seer Stones work?

Seer stones have been used for divination, meditation, and spiritual practices by various cultures and traditions throughout history. They are often considered tools for enhancing intuition, connecting with higher realms, and gaining deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

When using a seer stone, individuals may hold or gaze into the polished surface while in a relaxed state, allowing their mind to enter a receptive state and inviting any intuitive or spiritual experiences that may arise. Each seer stone is unique, and people may have different experiences and interpretations when working with them.

Additional seer stone crystal benefits are determined by the individual gemstone. For example a quartz seer stone maybe considered to enhance clarity and wisdom, while a citrine seer stone can be used to gain an insight into wealth and abundance in one’s life, and a rose quartz seer stone can bring clarity and understanding to your love, care and compassion.

What is a Seer Stone made of?

A seer stone can be almost any crystal or gemstone. Providing the gemstone can be cut and polished, it can be made into a seer stone. Typically, the most popular seer stones are crystals in the quartz family group. Amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine, clear quartz, rose quarts, rutilated quartz and other stones with clarity. Opaque stones such as sodalite, aventurine, jasper, tiger eye and agate are also popular. Black stones like obsidian and onyx bring their own unique powers of depth and intrigue, making them very popular.

Where to buy seer stones

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