Turquoise semi-precious gemstone beads are prized for their vibrant blue and green hues, making them a popular choice in jewellery making. They are often associated with protection, healing, and positive energy. With their unique and captivating colour variations, turquoise beads can add a touch of natural beauty and Southwest-inspired charm to any jewellery design.

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Turquoise beads are highly sought after for their exquisite beauty and rich cultural history. Known for their striking blue and green tones, turquoise beads offer a unique and eye-catching appeal. They have been used for centuries in jewellery making and adornment, particularly in Native American and Southwestern-inspired designs.

Turquoise is believed to have powerful metaphysical crystal properties, making it more than just a decorative element. It is often associated with protection, healing, and balancing energies. Many cultures throughout history have regarded turquoise as a sacred stone with spiritual significance. It is thought to promote communication, creativity, and emotional well-being.

When incorporated into jewellery designs, turquoise beads can bring a sense of natural beauty and earthy elegance. Whether used as focal beads, accents, or in intricate beadwork patterns, turquoise beads add a touch of vibrant colour and character to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. Their unique colour variations, ranging from pale blue to deep green, make each bead a one-of-a-kind treasure.

To enhance the beauty and durability of turquoise beads, they are often stabilised or treated to preserve their colour and protect them from damage. This process helps maintain the integrity of the stone, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether you’re creating jewellery for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, turquoise beads are a timeless choice that embodies both style and spiritual significance.

Are turquoise beads real?

Identifying real turquoise beads can be challenging, as there are many imitations and synthetic versions in the market. Here are a few tips that will show how to tell if turquoise beads are real:

  • Colour and Pattern: Authentic turquoise beads often exhibit a range of natural colours, including various shades of blue and green. Look for beads with a vibrant, even colour distribution. Genuine turquoise may also display a characteristic matrix pattern, which consists of dark veins or web-like lines running through the stone.
  • Texture and Feel: Genuine turquoise beads typically have a smooth texture, but they may also have some natural imperfections. Feel the surface of the beads – they should not be too perfectly smooth or synthetic-looking. Real turquoise beads may have slight variations in texture and small irregularities.
  • Density and Weight: Turquoise is a relatively dense stone, so real turquoise beads will feel heavier compared to other types of beads of the same size. If the beads feel unusually light or have a plastic-like weight, it could be an indication that they are not genuine.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Turquoise has the unique property of being temperature-sensitive. When you touch real turquoise, it should feel cool to the touch. If the beads feel warm or quickly adjust to your body temperature, they may not be genuine.
  • Expert Opinion: If you’re still unsure about the authenticity of turquoise beads, it’s always a good idea to seek the opinion of an expert or a reputable gemologist. They can provide a more accurate assessment using specialized tools and knowledge.
  • Ask Beads N Crystals: We pride ourselves on being your honest and faithful gemstone beads store in Australia. Unlike many other bead stores, we work closely with several manufacturing facilities and ensure we’re able to track the origin of the raw materials used to make the beads. In most cases, turquoise beads are in the spectrum on chalk turquoise which need to be stabilised and enhanced. Unaltered turquoise is quite expensive and rarely under $100 per strand. We do stock these premium strands however due to rarity and cost, the range will change from time to time depending on availability. In any case, please contact us for clarification on any specific strands, we’re more than happy to help you make the right selection.

Remember, these guidelines are not foolproof, and it’s best to purchase turquoise beads from trusted sources or reputable suppliers, such as the Beads N Crystals store in Australia, who can provide detailed information about the origin and authenticity of the beads.

Make your own Turquoise beads necklace, earrings and bracelet

Creating your own genuine turquoise bead jewellery set can be a fun and rewarding project for all ages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own turquoise beads jewellery set, including a turquoise bead necklace, earrings, and bracelet:

  1. Gather Materials:
    1. Turquoise beads of your choice (consider various shapes and sizes)
    2. Jewellery findings (clasps, jump rings, earring hooks, and bracelet findings)
    3. Beading wire or thread (appropriate for the project)
    4. Jewellery tools (wire cutters, pliers, and crimping tool)
    5. Optional: spacer beads, charms, or pendants for added embellishments
  2. Design and Layout: Plan your jewellery design by arranging the turquoise beads in the desired pattern and layout on your bead mat or design board. Consider the length of the necklace, size of the bracelet, and style of the earrings.
  3. Necklace:
    1. Cut a suitable length of beading wire or thread for your necklace, ensuring it is slightly longer than your desired finished length.
    2. Begin stringing the turquoise beads onto the wire or thread, following your design.
    3. Add spacer beads or charms between the turquoise beads if desired.
    4. Attach the clasp findings to the ends of the wire or thread using crimp beads, crimp tubes, or bead tips and secure them with crimping pliers.
  4. Earrings:
    1. Cut two equal lengths of beading wire or thread.
    2. String a turquoise bead onto each wire or thread, leaving a small tail.
    3. Create a loop at the top of each bead by passing the wire or thread through a jump ring or earring hook, and then back through the bead. Secure the loop tightly.
    4. Trim any excess wire or thread. Multi-layer earrings can be made the same way.
  5. Bracelet:
    1. Cut a suitable length of beading wire, elastic or thread for your bracelet, allowing extra length for clasping, or knotting.
    2. String the turquoise beads onto the wire or thread, following your design. Add spacer beads or charms if desired.
    3. Attach the bracelet findings, such as a lobster clasp and jump rings, to each end of the wire or thread, or tie it in the case of elastic.
  6. Finishing Touches:
    1. Check all the jewellery pieces for secure connections and adjust the length as needed.
    2. Use pliers to close jump rings and ensure the clasps are working properly.
    3. Add any additional embellishments, such as pendants, tassels or charms, to personalise your jewellery.

With these steps, you can create a beautiful turquoise bead necklace, earrings, and bracelet set that reflects your style and creativity. Enjoy wearing your handmade turquoise jewellery or share it as a thoughtful gift! Remember, we stock gorgeous gift boxes to display your gift.

Where to buy turquoise beads

Beads N Crystals is the best supplier for genuine natural turquoise beads for sale in Australia. With over a decade experience in selecting authentic turquoise beads for jewellery making, we offer a wide selection of high-quality turquoise beads for jewellery making that are perfect for your projects. Our turquoise beads are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring that you receive authentic and natural stones.

At the Beads N Crystals bead store in Australia, you can find a variety of turquoise bead shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit your design preferences. Whether you’re looking for smooth round beads, faceted beads, or even unique turquoise bead pendants, we have a great assortment to choose from.

What sets Beads N Crystals apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We carefully curate our collection to ensure that we have a good selection of genuine and top-grade turquoise beads are available. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff can provide guidance and support if you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right beads for your projects.

When you shop at Beads N Crystals, you can trust that you’re getting authentic turquoise beads that will add beauty and elegance to your jewellery creations. Our dedication to quality and wide range of options makes us a go-to destination for genuine turquoise jewellery beads.

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