Soutache Jewelry Making Supplies

Dating back to the 19th Century, Soutache cords have been used in military uniforms to denote ranking and highlight badges. In clothing, Soutache cords are used as an edge around numbers and names on sports uniforms and an elegant trim on formal wear.

Now Soutache has been reimagined as graceful curves in stunning embroided jewelry.

Beads N Crystals is Australia’s leading online supplier of Soutache Cords, Ultra Suede, Soutache Books and detailed Workshops.

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Learning to make Soutache Jewelry is relatively easy with our range of detailed instructional books and professional workshops . It’s also a very low-cost craft as most beaders will already have a selection of beads suitable for Soutache. The only new things you’ll need is the Soutache Braided Cords and some Ultra Suede which is used as a finishing for the back. Some cotton threads (we use Nymo ), a needle , scissors and a sprinkling of beads & findings is all you’ll need to get started.

We like to use Swarovski Pearls , Czech Firepolished Beads , Shell Coins , Japanese Seed Beads and a few Gemstone Beads in our designs. Take a look at our Workshop Calendar if you’re in Brisbane, to see our upcoming Soutache Workshops.