We’re giving away FREE 160g Bags and 1kg Bulk Bags of the FINAL batch of Allens Fantales chocolates with the purchase of these amazing all-inclusive kits!

Sculpey have produced these amazing complete kits in four varieties.

– Ultimate DIY Clay Crafts Kit includes stack of Sculpey III polymer clay, tools and more.
– Ultimate DIY Jewellery Kit includes Premo and Souffle clays, tools and jewellery making findings to make and bake a whole collection of wearable jewellery items!
– Ultimate DIY Sculpting kit includes Super Sculpey clay, a stack of tools and armature wire for making models and figurines.
– Ultimate DIY Liquid Clay Crafts includes silicone molds, tools and six bottles of Liquid Sculpey clay to create jewellery, home decor and lots more.

Each kit includes detailed instructions, all the supplies you need, and heaps of oven bake clay. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a seasoned crafter or a beginner, there is so much to do and so much fun to be had with these Ultimate kits.

Best of all, each kit sold will include a FREE BAG OF FANTALES! They were discontinued a few months ago by Allens, and sold out virtually everywhere, so you’ll be the only one around with Fantales on the table this Christmas!

– Buy 1 Kit, get 1 x 160g Bag or Fantales
– Buy 2 Kits, Get 2 x 160g Bags of Fantales
– Buy 3 Kits, Get 1 x 1KG HUGE Bag of Fantales

This offer is only available this week and only while stocks last!

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